Working experiences
Laser tube cutting machine operator
Towers Automotive
I handled the configuration and adjustment of the laser machine according to project specifications. I designed and developed custom software for material planning and management, efficiently calculating the optimal arrangement of cut pieces on pallets, considering various shapes and sizes to optimize available space. I organized pallets, ensured quality control and compliance, collaborated in a multidisciplinary manner, and addressed problem resolution and maintenance
Vigevano, PV, Italia
Started working 2022-07-20
Finished working 2023-09-25
Towers Automotive
Welding of Metallic Components, Reading and Interpretation of Technical Drawings, Materials Preparation, Use of Specialized Equipment, Quality Control, Workplace Safety, Collaboration with the Production Team
Vigevano, PV, Italia
Started working 2022-05-19
Finished working 2022-07-19
Reconstruction of Presses, Electromechanical Maintenance, Diagnostic and Problem Resolution, Multidisciplinary Collaboration, Training and Technical Support, Quality Control
Gambolo', PV, Italia
Started working 2021-11-03
Finished working 2022-05-18
Thermal deburring machine operator
I managed quality control to ensure that processed pieces met the required specifications, worked as a Software Developer for Thermal Deburring, handled maintenance and problem resolution, and collaborated with the Production Team
Abbiategrasso, MI, Italia
Started working 2020-07-17
Finished working 2021-06-30
Industrial thermal system installer
Installation and Assembly, Collaboration with the Technical Team, Reading of Designs and Schematics, Functionality Testing, Maintenance, and Assistance
Bernate Ticino, MI, Italia
Started working 2020-01-29
Finished working 2020-06-22
Electronic security systems
Installation of Fire Protection Devices, Alarm Systems, Audio Systems, Video Systems, Integration with Linux, Collaboration with Clients and Technical Team, Testing, and Maintenance
Warszawa, Poland
Started working 2017-03-28
Finished working 2017-06-30
Maintenance Technician automatic devices
Vp Shakhta "Vidrodzhennya" Dp "LÊıvivvuhillya"
Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Resolution, Installation and Update of Devices, Collaboration with the Technical Team, Technical Documentation
Mezhyrichchya, LV, Ukraine
Started working 2011-08-01
Finished working 2016-08-01